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NMIMS Bengaluru Demonstrates Consistent Performance and Steadfast Commitment in Rankings

Bengaluru, 4th September, 2023: SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru continues to showcase remarkable consistency in its rankings across prestigious publications. The institution’s commitment to excellence and its focus on providing a holistic learning experience have contributed to its commendable rise in various rankings.

In the Open Magazine ranking, NMIMS Bengaluru was placed 40th among private universities at the national level. The institution’s state-wise rank among private schools was an impressive I, with a zonal rank of II. According to the India Today ranking, NMIMS Bengaluru secured the 17th position among private schools, showcasing its prominence in the educational landscape. Additionally, the institution achieved a city-wise rank of II and a zonal rank of V.

Building on this success, the July 2023 edition of Business Today further solidified NMIMS Bengaluru’s upward trajectory. The institution secured the 29th position overall, highlighting its consistent pursuit of excellence. The campus attained the 15th rank.

NMIMS Bengaluru’s strong presence and performance in the respective zones were evident as it secured the 7th position in both the November 2022 and July 2023 editions of the rankings. The institution’s notable performance extended to the city rankings as well, achieving a commendable rank of 3 in both editions.

The current year’s rankings have seen a major improvement since last year. In the November 2022 edition of Business Today, NMIMS Bengaluru had achieved an overall rank of 32 among the top 100 private B-Schools in India. The campus secured the 17th rank, highlighting its exceptional learning and living experiences. Moreover, the institution received an outstanding A+++ rating from Business India.

“These rankings serve as a strong confirmation of NMIMS Bengaluru’s consistent dedication to academic excellence, holistic development, and providing a conducive learning environment,” said Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bengaluru. “We are incredibly proud of our faculty, students, and staff for working together to achieve and maintain these outstanding rankings. Our dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators remains steadfast.”

NMIMS Bengaluru’s consistent performance and improved rankings reflect its focus on providing quality education, future-oriented programs, and a supportive learning environment. The institution remains firm in its pursuit of academic excellence and continues to foster an atmosphere of innovation, research, and all-inclusive development.

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