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Work stays at work. Home is home,” Dr. Madhu Chopra on maintaining boundaries with her children Priyanka and Siddharth, as expressed on coto

In the context of parenting and family dynamics, Dr. Madhu Chopra, mother to Priyanka Chopra and Siddharth Chopra, has been consistently stressing upon the crucial need for maintaining a clear boundary between work and home life. Throughout their upbringing, she made it a priority to impart to her children a profound understanding of this distinction and was discouraging any practices that could blur the lines between work-related matters and the sanctity of the home environment. This is also reflected through the insights that she openly shares on the ‘Parenting Made Easy’ community on coto, a social community platform exclusively for women by women.

Sharing insights about her and her children’s approach to work, she said, “When they were growing up, they knew this is work. They knew this is home. There has to be a division. You don’t bring work home. You don’t take home to your work, good or bad. That was very clear. We never spoke shop at our dining table. We would talk about world events, we talked about careers and options. We talk a lot.”

Speaking about her daughter Priyanka and expressing amazement at how she manages multiple roles, Dr. Chopra shares, “I must say, I admire her a lot. She’s a global star when she’s working, but when at home, she’s my daughter. She’s Malti’s mom, she’s a wife, and a homemaker. You should see the way she organizes her home. They have guests all the time, and I am amazed. I admire her for that. And somewhere, I feel she saw me doing it. The way she manages is amazing. And then she’s a great host too. So, the friends like to come back to their home.”

Sharing inspiring experiences, Dr. Chopra offers valuable advice to parents navigating the challenges of raising children on coto, a safe online space that encourages women to speak freely with like-minded individuals.

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