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Third Wave Coffee’s Santhosh Basavaraj Clinches Third Place in National Barista Championship at World Coffee Conference

Bangalore, 3rd Oct, 2023 :  In a triumph that echoes the dedication and skill of India’s barista community, Santhosh Basavaraj, Coffee Specialist at Third Wave Coffee, secured a remarkable third place in the National Barista Championship (NBC) held at the prestigious World Coffee Conference (WCC) in Bangalore.

Santhosh Basavaraj’s stellar performance not only earned him the well-deserved third-place spot but also a prestigious Rs. 25,000 cheque prize. A seasoned participant in the National Barista Championship for the past six years, Santhosh was the National Barista Champion in 2019 and secured the position of 1st runner up in 2022 and represented India at the World Barista Championship in Melbourne.

“Being part of the National Barista Championship has been a journey of passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Every cup of coffee tells a story, and through this competition, I’ve had the privilege to share a piece of India’s rich coffee culture with the world. This victory is not just mine; it’s a celebration of the entire Third Wave Coffee barista community and our collective commitment to elevating the art of coffee,” said an elated Santhosh Basavaraj.

Organised by the Coffee Board, the licensed national body, in collaboration with coffee stakeholders and esteemed organisations such as SCAI & UCAI, the National Barista Championship is a platform designed to recognise and celebrate the technical prowess of the country’s baristas. This competition stands as a beacon for promoting excellence across the coffee value chain, fostering skill development, and championing the growth of café culture in India.

This victory not only underscores Santhosh’s individual excellence but also highlights the growing prominence and skill level of India’s barista community on the international coffee scene.

About Third Wave Coffee:

Third Wave Coffee is a coffee and food QSR brand founded by Ayush Bathwal, Anirudh

Sharma and Sushant Goel in 2017. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the

homegrown coffee QSR chain has rapidly expanded to over 100+ stores nationwide,

earning a reputation as the fastest-growing coffee brand in the country. Third Wave

Coffee is dedicated to providing a high-quality coffee-first experience to its customers

across the country with a specific focus on high-quality beans, convenient locations and a technology-enabled consumer experience.

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