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National, October 6, 2023: Gatorade®️, PepsiCo India’s iconic hydration brand, today made a marquee announcement to launch its first television commercial in a decade in India. This eagerly awaited campaign, titled ‘Sweat Makes You Shine,’ features youth icon, Hardik Pandya.

The ‘Sweat Makes You Shine’ campaign is set to captivate audiences nationwide with its powerful message on the significance of hydration in contributing to achieving great performance. The campaign emphasizes Gatorade®️’s commitment to inspire young individuals to lead active lifestyles and reinstates the important role hydration plays in helping them unlock their full potential.

In the compelling film, we witness the inspiring journey of Hardik Pandya illustrating that true success only comes when your talent is amplified with sweat and hard work. As he’s hailed ‘Man of the Match’ for his extraordinary talent, a bead of sweat on his forehead takes us back to the scenes of his tireless training – each moment a testament to his persistent commitment and sweating it out to achieve his goals, bringing out the fact that it is his hard work and sweat that makes his talent shine. Throughout, Gatorade®️ stands as his unwavering companion, helping him hydrate and propelling him forward. Hardik accepts his honor and acknowledges that it’s his sweat and hard work that magnifies his talent, echoing the importance of preparation and Gatorade®️’s role in keeping him hydrated.

Speaking on the campaign, Ankit Agarwal, Associate Director, Energy & Hydration, PepsiCo India, said, “Backed by GSSI (Gatorade Sports Science Institute), Gatorade has consistently been at the forefront of hydration, delivering athletes and people with active lifestyles the essential means to enhance their performance through consistent replenishment. With our latest campaign, we hope to inspire professional athletes or anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle to keep pushing the limits and stay hydrated in their fitness journey with Gatorade.”

Commenting on the campaign, cricketer Hardik Pandya, who is exclusively managed by RISE Worldwide, said “I strongly believe in the transformative potential of hard work, unwavering determination, and putting in the effort. With this campaign alongside Gatorade, I aim to emphasize the importance of these principles to my fans, reinforcing the value of dedicating oneself to working harder and, in turn, maintaining peak performance through consistent hydration.”

“As an athlete, there is no short cut to success – it takes dedication, hard work and discipline to outshine. Our campaign spotlights Gatorade as the perfect partner to help you keep pushing your limits in this journey to success. And who better than Hardik Pandya one of the most successful and iconic sports personalities to bring home this message.” said, Raj Deepak Das, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, South Asia, Leo Burnett

Gatorade®️’s new campaign will be amplified through a 360-degree campaign across television, digital, outdoor, and social media. Gatorade®️ is available in 3 variants – Blue Bolt, Orange, and Lemon at 250 ml @Rs 20 and 500 ml @Rs 50 – both in traditional and modern stores and through leading e commerce sites/ apps.

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