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NMIMS Bengaluru organises Walkathon to create Mental Health Awareness

Bengaluru, 21st September 2023: In its persevering commitment towards fostering mental health awareness, Udyam, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of SVKM’s NMIMS Bengaluru, recently organised a Walkathon. The theme of the walkathon was ‘Walk for a Cause: Mental Health Awareness’ for its School of Business Management (SBM) students.

The Walkathon began with students assembling at the Royal Meenakshi Mall. The journey concluded at Windsor Amulyam. The 5 Km journey was replete with students expressing themselves through slogans and banners demonstrating the central theme of the event. The enthusiasm and energy levels among the participants were a sight to behold. More than 150 students participated in the walkathon, making it a success.

In order to create awareness about mental health amongst the general public, an inspirational ‘Nukkad Natak’ or a street play was performed following the walk. The performance was divided into three segments. Each of the three acts covered distinct topics with the focus of making people realise the positive results of sound mental health. It was demonstrated by recreating real-life scenarios faced by the youth. The performance concluded with the message of dealing with the hard times and emerging victorious.

Professor Janaki Anant, the faculty mentor at Udyam, was the guiding light of the students throughout the event. She created a safe space for students and asked them to share their own stories of battling mental health. Each story provided deep insights into the tough times faced by students and how they embraced reality and emerged out of it successfully. The exercise reassured students that they were not alone in their MBA journey at NMIMS SBM.

The walkathon resulted in three key learnings. Firstly, how the internal and external pressures we build within us sow seeds of mental distress and the unwanted steps we end up taking regarding our lives. Secondly, how failure leads to self-doubt, pain and anguish. This further contributes to unhealthy behavioural patterns and lifestyles. Lastly, seeking the right help and support can actually help us to release and overcome the burden of the unaddressed trauma within.

The success of the walkathon was a result of Udyam’s commitment towards increasing

public awareness about mental health. The committee is aimed at contributing

to making the world more liveable and equitable. It is also a testament to the changing times and the NMIMS’ commitment towards creating healthier campuses.

Commending the success of the event, Dr. Narayani Ramachandran, Deputy Director, NMIMS Bengaluru, said, “The success of the walkathon on mental awareness exemplifies the positive change we’re witnessing, which calls for an environment conducive for growth and happiness. The event reflects NMIMS Bengaluru’s commitment to shaping a better society, where we shun the stigma around health issues. Rather, we must together create a place where mental wellbeing is prioritised and positivity is encouraged.”

Ms. Gitanjana, the Counsellor at NMIMS Bengaluru, infused a sense of optimism and positive energy through her words. Stressing the importance of seeking help and overcoming hardships when the going gets tough, she shared,“In the face of adversity, it is important to embrace the strength in seeking help and supporting one another. Let’s aim to foster a community where seeking therapy is seen as a courageous step towards personal growth.”


About NMIMS Bengaluru

The School of Business Management (SBM) Bengaluru campus has been ranked first in the “Top B-Schools under Private Universities” category in Karnataka by Open Magazine. NMIMS Bengaluru was ranked second in the city-wise category by Fortune India Magazine and was awarded a rating of A+++ by Business India Magazine. Business Today Magazine ranked NMIMS Bengaluru third in the city-wise category, seventh in the south-zone category, and 15th among the private B-schools.

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