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Incorporating Neem in your household: From Dishwashers to floor cleaners

We are living in a world that is increasingly conscious of what we buy and utilize in our homes, and more and more households seek to buy safe and eco-friendly products. The implementation of using natural products has gained significant traction, and amongst all these Neem stands out as a versatile and beneficial resource. Neem offers many benefits in traditional medicines as well as in household chores. From dishwashers to floor cleaners, incorporating neem into everyday cleaning routines can revolutionize the way we maintain our homes while living a sustainable lifestyle.


Neem exhibits exceptional cleaning properties that have been revered for centuries. Its natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral attributes make it an effective cleanser. Neem’s cleansing prowess is unmatched, providing a sustainable and gentle alternative to harsh chemicals. Embracing neem in cleaning rituals promotes a healthier, greener, and more holistic approach to hygiene.


Mom Influencer, Komal Verma says, “As a full-time content creator and mom to young kids, juggling daily responsibilities and home care has been a task but I do not compromise on my home hygiene. Our homes require being hygienic for the safety of everyone living, especially my kids. I’ve always maintained to pick up products that are safe, made with nature’s goodness and free from harsh chemicals. Thus, for keeping my floors safe, I always rely on my trusted cleaning partner, ITC Nimyle- a neem-based floor cleaner. It’s 100% Natural action* and 99.9% germ protection* keeps my floors safe and it also does not leave behind any chemical residue^. When it comes to the kitchen, I use ITC’s Nimeasy dish-wash gel. It is made with neem and citrus extracts. Its Enzyme Technology is a game-changer as it leads to a powerful Lift Off Action^^ that eases removal of grease & oil from your utensils. Less scrubbing, more smiles. With these products, it becomes easier to maintain safe floors for my kids to play on, and eases my chores in the kitchen.”


In addition to its effectiveness in floor cleaning and dishwashing, Neem’s versatility extends to various other household applications. Incorporating Neem into your daily cleaning routines can revolutionize the way you maintain your home while living sustainably. Whether it’s adding Neem oil or powder to your laundry detergent for enhanced cleaning power or opting for an all-purpose cleaner infused with Neem, the ingredient offers a natural and effective alternative to harsh chemicals. It can also be used as a natural air freshener, pest repellent, and even as an ingredient in homemade skincare and haircare products for its antibacterial and moisturizing properties.


By embracing Neem in various aspects of your household cleaning routine, you can not only maintain a clean and hygienic home but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle. With its natural properties and versatile applications, Neem is truly a powerhouse ingredient for holistic home care. Whether you’re looking to clean your floors, wash your dishes, or freshen up your home, Neem provides a safe and effective solution that aligns with your commitment to safety, sustainability, and well-being.


*100% natural anti-microbial action basis lab study

^Basis Lab Study

^^Basis Lab study on sample food

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