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In times of global adversity, 22-year-old Jigyasa found her true calling during Lockdown while penning Pocket FM audio series Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta

In the journey of life, they say that your true calling reveals itself with time. For some, this realization dawns early on, while others patiently await its arrival. Meet Jigyasa, a remarkable and fortunate 22-year-old who discovered her passion for writing during the challenging days of the lockdown. Hailing from the quaint town of Katihar in Bihar, Jigyasa gracefully balances her Botany studies with her newfound love for writing, particularly for Pocket FM’s audio series, Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta.

Jigyasa’s story took an unexpected turn during the lockdown when she stumbled upon the Pocket FM app. By sheer chance, she uncovered her hidden writing talent and will forever be grateful to Pocket FM for opening the doors to her dreams. As she delved deeper into the world of writing, Jigyasa quickly realized her innate potential and is now an inspiration to many young girls her age. In such a short span, she’s received recognition for her work and is inundated with messages from fans of the series.

Her dedication bore fruit when she received her first payment from Pocket FM, which she lovingly shared with her family. Jigyasa couldn’t imagine that at such a young age she could provide for herself and family, too. In a heartwarming gesture of pride, the budding writer gifted her father a mobile phone.

In gratitude for the opportunity that Pocket FM presented her, Jigyasa expressed, “During the depths of the lockdown, I discovered a glimmer of hope and a path to my dreams. Pocket FM became my sanctuary, where my words found wings. ‘Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta’ is a heartfelt tale of emotions and resilience, narrated through the canvas of audio. At 22, I stand proudly, grateful for the blessings and the opportunity received. The Lockdown not only gifted me a platform but also the courage to embrace my true passion. Today, I am not just a writer; I am independent, chasing my aspirations with unwavering determination. Pocket FM changed my life, as I have realised that writing is my true ambition. Thankfully, my parents are supportive and encourage me to hone my skills and pursue writing.”

Family drama is Jigyasa’s favorite genre, and she poured her heart and soul into creating the captivating audio series, ‘Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta.’ The story of the audio series follows the complex relationships of Rudra and Anya. Bound together by a forced marriage, Rudra’s reluctance to commit creates a shaky foundation, intensified by Anya’s painful past. Trust, respect, commitment, and shared values become crucial for their journey. As Anya grapples with her well-being, she faces a pivotal choice: stay with someone lacking commitment and respect or forge her path. Navigating this intricate web requires guidance. Will love conquer all, or is this relationship doomed? To find out, tune in to Majburi Mein Bandha Ek Rishta, only on Pocket FM.

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