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*GIVA introduces their latest Rakhi collection, celebrates #TiesofLove this Raksha Bandhan*

Mumbai, 17th August, 2023: GIVA, a premium jewellery brand aiming to make authentic, elegant, and fine silver jewellery accessible in India, launched their latest line of Rakhi collections, for the upcoming Raksha Bandhan festivities in India. Renowned for redefining the art of presenting exquisite sterling silver jewellery, GIVA takes immense pride in launching an emotive campaign that honors the profound sibling connection. Aptly named “Ties of Love,” the campaign transcends being a mere collection; it is an exploration of the emotional connection that siblings share. This campaign artfully encapsulates the essence of sibling relationships through meticulously crafted 925 silver jewellery rakhis, serving as poignant symbols of affection, protection, and enduring love.
GIVA has embraced a digital advertisement that eloquently portrays the deep and meaningful love that siblings share. This ad serves as a heartfelt depiction of the profound bond that exists between brothers and sisters, further resonating with the brand’s dedication to celebrating and cherishing these special relationships. The ad beautifully captures the essence of a sibling-duo celebrating a long-distance Raksha Bandhan and highlights the range of emotions amidst virtual and real-time celebrations. The campaign’s strategic blueprint leverages modern communication platforms such as influencer marketing, Youtube and Instagram advertising.
In a strategic move, GIVA enlisted the support of prominent social media influencers and celebrities Ridhhi Dogra, Pooja Gor and Sreejita De to convey the campaign’s key messages to their target audience. To honor this enduring bond between siblings, GIVA has created an Instagram filter named #TiesofLove. This filter is a tribute to the unbreakable bond we share with our siblings and with this, GIVA aims to witness countless siblings sharing their own delightful and hilarious anecdotes all through the month of August.
GIVA has introduced an exclusive Rakhi collection complemented by exquisite fine silver jewellery choices, with prices beginning at just 899 INR only. This assortment encompasses a diverse range of options to cater to various preferences, featuring personalized rakhis designed to strengthen the sibling bond. These personalized rakhis can showcase intricately embedded names of brothers and sisters, alongside specially crafted Lumba rakhi designs for beloved sisters-in-law. Moreover, their innovative Convertible rakhis offer a unique transformation into stunning pendants, reflecting a blend of sustainability and style.
Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Ishendra Agarwal, Founder, GIVA says, “GIVA’s Ties of Love Rakhi campaign embodies GIVA’s mission: celebrating the timeless with a modern twist. This year, we sought to extend Rakhi’s warmth beyond a day by crafting convertible rakhis that can transform into cherished pendants. We also extended our shipping to over 20+ countries to truly celebrate sibling love across borders.
It is more than a campaign. It’s a call for togetherness. It’s a shared tribute to love, tradition, and cherished moments. Our curated collection of gift hampers, personalised rakhi and rakhi gifts are a testament that gifts should know no boundaries.”
To extend a perfect gesture towards both sisters and brothers-in-law, their Bhaiyya-Bhabhi combo stands as an ideal selection. The Rakhi Box, is an exclusive gifting choice that presents a personalized rakhi and kumkum, encapsulating a heartfelt touch. Additionally, they also have Bracelet rakhis that seamlessly fuse tradition with fashion, adding to their charm.
Ensuring no one is left out, GIVA has an exclusive Kids collection that presents a delightful array of rakhis, starting at just 699 INR. This collection is tailored for younger siblings, capturing the spirit of sibling love in a playful manner.
GIVA’s Raksha Bandhan campaign seeks to highlight the profound emotional value of the rakhi tradition in India, positioning the brand as a provider of thoughtfully crafted and meaningful silver jewellery. The brand’s objective is to establish a heartfelt connection with customers, nurturing a deeper understanding of sibling connections while showcasing the brand’s impeccable artistry. GIVA has always prioritized individuality and self-expression in its design ethos. This Raksha Bandhan, the brand is particularly attentive in presenting a diverse range of top-notch, hypoallergenic rakhis, all certified by GIVA. This effort is dedicated to cherishing the enduring bond, as precious as silver, that exists between siblings.
About GIVA:
GIVA is a premium jewellery brand aiming to make authentic, elegant, and fine silver jewellery accessible in India. Since the start of 2019, GIVA has steadily grown to become one of India’s leading silver jewellery brands. Headquartered in Bengaluru, GIVA recently launched its own line of affordable 14 & 18K gold jewellery collections and plans on expanding its lab-grown diamond collection.
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