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Calling All Math, Stats, and Engineering Enthusiasts: ICRTMSE Beckons!

Are you someone who revels in the beauty of mathematics, possesses the wizardry of statistics, or perhaps you’re a trailblazer in the world of engineering? If so, prepare to be enthralled by the forthcoming International Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering (ICRTMSE). Set to grace the esteemed premises of SVKM’s NMIMS School of Technology Management and Engineering (STME) in the vibrant city of Indore, mark your calendars for December 22 and 23, 2023.

This conference stands as a beacon, dedicated to shedding light on the very latest and most profound trends that are shaping the landscapes of Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering. It emerges as a premier congregation of intellect, a nexus where brilliance converges, and innovation takes flight.

Spanning two captivating days, this event will embrace a hybrid format, bridging the realms of physical presence and virtual participation. This hybrid approach is meticulously crafted to foster a global congregation of professionals, academicians, researchers, innovators, and enthusiasts from diverse corners of the globe.

Abstract submissions: The deadline is October 15, 2023.
Full-length paper submissions: Due by November 15, 2023.
Camera-ready submissions: The final submission deadline is December 20, 2023.

ICRTMSE 2023 is not merely a gathering of brilliance; it is a grand celebration of intellect and a compelling testament to the perpetually advancing horizons of Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering.

Registration link: to generate the participation

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